The Family Medicine Residency Program offers five specialty tracks.


The Self Regional Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program is unique in its support of international medical missions. Stipends are available to residents interested in serving some of the most impoverished places on Earth. Recent trips have included Peru, Niger, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, Brazil, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe.

Residents are encouraged to participate in at least one international medicine rotation.


This Underserved Medicine track is for residents who are interested in providing health care to the underserved and marginalized populations of the United States in both rural and urban settings

The residents will be trained to assess the needs of a community, take a leadership role in developing medical outreach, and to provide best practice medical care within a community clinic framework.


Residents can pursue more advanced sports medicine training through this track.

In addition to the required rotation in Sports Medicine,  residents in this track have longitudinal training that includes working with local college teams and serving as a local high school team physician.


Second-year residents wishing to enhance their experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology may enroll in this track.

In addition to their required rotations in OB/GYN, they will have four additional months of OB training, ultrasound training, and an additional one-week CME.

Residents may choose to do their additional rotations in primary obstetrics, advanced obstetrics including c-section, or colposcopy.


Excellent hospice and palliative is more important than ever as the health industry struggles to find cures for terminal illnesses. Self has the resources and connections to ensure you are well-prepared to answer the need in this critical area of practice.